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There you go hitting the nail on the head again; most dispo weed is focused more on bag appeal then actual quality as that’s what customers look for (along with high THC %).  Few custies have the breadth of experience to really understand the market and what they personally enjoy, they just buy what’s available.  Let alone understand all the tricks that can be used to force plants to grow/look like that even if they don’t naturally, like using PGR’s on Sour D to make tight buds (normally it’s a much more open bud structure, which makes it ideal for hash/concentrates) for better bag appeal.  Understanding the varieties and market, when I see bud that looks like that I generally cut the price I’d be willing to pay in half as craft bud doesn’t look that way outside of specific cultivars like MAC (caps cut) that’s known for growing big, dense buds.

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