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You can’t blame producers for trying to make a buck, not when they’re serving exactly what the customers want.  It comes down to customers understanding the product, asking for different product and being willing to pay for it.  Which is where the economics get screwy as prohibition (even in it’s limited sense like in legal states) creates a bottleneck on the supply side while increasing the demand.  Without free market competition, which isn’t possible until it’s legal and properly regulated (something Canada’s still figuring out as our regulations definitely enable the BM) and there’s an open market where standard economic principles come into effect.  Prohibition inevitably lead to inflated prices, limited competition and more then anything limits the consumers ability to educate themselves on what they prefer.  So, if anything blame the gov and their bigoted, irrational laws for creating the mess.

Like you said though, what we’re talking about applies to the commercial side and has no relevance to Cannabliss home grow.  He’s used organic methods which cost more and produce less, hand trimmed and I’d assume hung to dry, not thrown around but handled gently, properly dried and possibly cured; all the things needed to ensure quality.  Which is why I always say that at this point the best option to get quality at a good price is to grow your own.  Even in our legal market with BM prices at the rock bottom; home grown is usually better if the grower puts just a bit of work into it.

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