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1/21 = Transplant from 2gal to 5gal

More training begins. Lots of tying down this time. Time to spread this girl out & give those branches some space while keeping the canopy even.

All the tallest branches were laid & tied down first. I used plain old office paper clips to secure the ties to the pot. They pierce the fabric with much less effort & are easily removed.

The way I tie them down is by wrapping the tie around the branch I’m bending, and pull it through the paper clip. I keep pulling through until the top is where I want it. (Even with the others)

The shorter ones come after. 

Some smaller branches needed to be super cropped in order to fit in.

Super cropping requires pinching the inter node area most of the time, in order to soften & manipulate the branch to be where you want it to be. Bending it every which way & not breaking the stem is the goal, so be gentle with your bends.

These will need to be secured to be kept down.

For those tough to pinch spots on thicker branches I used brute force in the form of a needle nose pliers, and the rubber coating from the soft plant ties. I pad the branch with the rubber & pinch with the pliers.

Above was all from 1/21 these below are from 2/12 (Light switched to 12on/12off on 2/02)

**side note: I do not recommend placing a dehumidifier that close to your pots.  It absorbs the moisture. Not good. 


One top got a little too tall. Got the pliers & laid her down  + added a tie down.



As some of you may be thinking.. “Holy s%#t that looks like a lot so far!”

Trust me it is. From seed to flipping the light for flower took 129 days. (Over 4 months)

If you have a separate tent to do something like this in, it’s an awesome project, but definitely not for those who want a quick harvest. Some say you can top once & LST train in less time to produce the same amount of bud, and I agree.. but it’s not the same.

That’s all the training the plant will need. While they stretch in flower, just monitor the evenness of the canopy. If one top starts taking off over the others even by an inch, just adjust your ties tighter on that branch. If using paper clips & soft ties like the ones I have, just loosen the tie from the clip & pull it in a little more before securing it at the level you want it.








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