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I will thank you in advance I guess I will win the sf2000 I got docked 200 more points last night I guess where Soma and I were arguing but I am over it , just sucks that @spiderfarmer decided to punish @keith and I got thousands of points but only us and the irony of it is I’m loosing the contest now by a post about dinner with a picture of soup that 25 points got collected and still no deduction on him but it’s all good,I didn’t get a letter from @spiderfarmer for cheating I just gained the points I lost through welcoming everyone into the forum and speaking with them but I am not going to belyache and cry.I just wanted everyone to know I didn’t cheat not 1 time,,but I lost more than anyone in points but hey give it to someone who said they didn’t want or need it.Theyre points just keep climbing and @spiderfarmer refuses to call him on his spam sandwich 🥪 posts about dinner or our arguing I got docked but hey it is what it is and at least I didn’t lie about trying to win the top prize, Everyone knew I was going after it but hey I hope to win anything I guess I will have to wait and see midnight is only 2 hours away oh yeah I didn’t gain 1 single point from referral of anyone I received my points by trying to participate but like I said they only docked myself 2,500 points @keith 2000 and the other guy 6455 docked 0

Well played,you played the game like you were the star and winner for big brother that’s awesome 👍

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