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Last night I had my points took for arguing with you and that’s why you went ahead they didn’t take any from you but it’s over now I can’t make them do anything but by right I should win the se5000 I will say it again! didn’t cheat you or anyone every one of my points came from posts and replys nothing else the 2,500 points I lost was because of the members news feed I welcome everyone who came into the forum and hey I didn’t do anything wrong @spiderfarmer didn’t send me nothing saying I cheated cause I didn’t, but I do believe that I will be.They are going to give it to you and that’s 🐂 I just going to wait and see what happens now, and I went ahead and done you the favor of unfriend you but you are the one who keeps texting me.Im done I know what it’s going to be and that is that.I just hope everyone else sees how wrong it will be if I don’t receive it I have been in the lead for at least 28 out of 31 days but hey loosing is loosing no matter if by 1point or a million.I just can’t respect you,cause your just building a community, well how come everyone else doesn’t have no where near the points as us three and you say all your stuff is on the level come on dude just be a man and own your shit .You we’re staying in it by what ever means possible. Good day to you I’m done with your ass soma I unfriended you so just let things lay I’m over this contest and I have learned a valuable lesson believe that.

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