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      I wish I could explain to the 1.8 thousand views that my profile and my participation in this contest, how rigged it was.I do feel cheated you @spiderfarmer took thousands of points from myself and @keith so why is it @somatek hasn’t been penalized for anything I guess his detailed 🐂 Pooh is not considered I’ll gotten points,as said before I don’t mind to loose but damn you took 200 points away again this morning from me and still taking nothing from the guy who has been neck and neck with @keith and I shame on you @spiderfarmer !

      I thought it would be about participation and I have not gotten 1 ofy points from referral all have been gained by posts and reply besides the 2,500 you have taken from me and 1800 from @keith @somatek deduction= 0. Goose Egg 🥚 that is bad any way anyone sees it I do feel cheated and I have not received a message from @spiderfarmer calling me one as they have to others so yeah I am salty

      Shame,shame shame

      Let’s see how long you let this stay up so maybe the 1800 plus people who have saw my profile on your site can know you don’t play by the rules!!

      My rant is over,but I am still super pissed 😡😡 off



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      Dude, if you lose it’s because of gibberish spam posts like this that have no relevance, aren’t constructive and get deleted.  Two people have called you out about it. Not some conspiracy, especially when I’m giving the light away since I don’t need it and you’ve made this contest so toxic it’s not worth keeping.  It’d only undermine the community and spider farms reputation, so I asked @Atom and @NeuroticTurtle if they could use it since they have made incredible contributions to the community and deserve it.  I told Keith earlier that as far as I’m concerned the three of us should be eliminated from the contest.  You’re your own worst enemy, not some victim of a conspiracy.  Get over it or die angry, it’s your choice…

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      Last night I had my points took for arguing with you and that’s why you went ahead they didn’t take any from you but it’s over now I can’t make them do anything but by right I should win the se5000 I will say it again! didn’t cheat you or anyone every one of my points came from posts and replys nothing else the 2,500 points I lost was because of the members news feed I welcome everyone who came into the forum and hey I didn’t do anything wrong @spiderfarmer didn’t send me nothing saying I cheated cause I didn’t, but I do believe that I will be.They are going to give it to you and that’s 🐂 I just going to wait and see what happens now, and I went ahead and done you the favor of unfriend you but you are the one who keeps texting me.Im done I know what it’s going to be and that is that.I just hope everyone else sees how wrong it will be if I don’t receive it I have been in the lead for at least 28 out of 31 days but hey loosing is loosing no matter if by 1point or a million.I just can’t respect you,cause your just building a community, well how come everyone else doesn’t have no where near the points as us three and you say all your stuff is on the level come on dude just be a man and own your shit .You we’re staying in it by what ever means possible. Good day to you I’m done with your ass soma I unfriended you so just let things lay I’m over this contest and I have learned a valuable lesson believe that.

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        Brad I think what’s important is you still won a light. We all wanted to win but there can only be one. Do I think your wrong by voicing your opinion? Absolutely not. But I also gotta agree with soma that a good majority of your posts were just hi how you doing type stuff. Not all of it, but you were the only one doing it so that is likely why you got singled out. Atleast your winning something, if they wanted I’m sure they could have just removed you completely. It’s there contest and I trust they know what there doing, they arnt just picking on you guys or whatever you might think.

        I also want to say that the way it played out is kinda lame but again it’s there contest. In my opinion they should have made clear long ago points would be taken and not waited until the end where people lose big chunks. Did I want to win a light? Sure, I’ve never won much of anything and I have some knowledge I think. Showed some great pics and grow journals. Mabie I should complain too? It’s going to be okay guys, you had none of those prizes before this started so wtf. You won something can’t we just be proud of that, and greatful?

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      You are right about that @atom and I do appreciate you bro.You have helped me out a lot my friend.and I appreciate it I am through bro I swear.i do see where you are coming from bro, thanks @atom.

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