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Brad I think what’s important is you still won a light. We all wanted to win but there can only be one. Do I think your wrong by voicing your opinion? Absolutely not. But I also gotta agree with soma that a good majority of your posts were just hi how you doing type stuff. Not all of it, but you were the only one doing it so that is likely why you got singled out. Atleast your winning something, if they wanted I’m sure they could have just removed you completely. It’s there contest and I trust they know what there doing, they arnt just picking on you guys or whatever you might think.

I also want to say that the way it played out is kinda lame but again it’s there contest. In my opinion they should have made clear long ago points would be taken and not waited until the end where people lose big chunks. Did I want to win a light? Sure, I’ve never won much of anything and I have some knowledge I think. Showed some great pics and grow journals. Mabie I should complain too? It’s going to be okay guys, you had none of those prizes before this started so wtf. You won something can’t we just be proud of that, and greatful?

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