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All I can tell you is I ordered a new Mars Hydro FC 3000 on last Wednesday from Mars Hydro it was like 260 with a detachable driver and every aspect that the se3000 has but I don’t know about which performes best but it seems to me that there lights are a bit cheaper by 40 Bucks or so in comparison.I also had to email there Cust service because they left out the power cord and they Mars shipped it the next day I should have the new cord tomorrow,but I just used an extra from my HPS ballast and it is the same 3 prong cord it works great so far the plants are loving the spectrum, This is a fair question for sure,I just don’t have a comparison to date but everything being the same as the FC series from Mars and the Se series from spider farmer and the fc-e series is the same as the g series Mars is like I say around 50 bucks cheaper with the same Samsung diodes and my driver on the FC is mean well too so besides price I think they are one in the same except for paint color ones orange or silver the other is silver or green.

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