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Growing outdoors seems pretty damn difficult.  I’d like to do it someday when I can.  I’ve got the space.  Spots that are in the sun from sunrise to sunset.  I just can’t afford to go to prison right now.  With the wife and kids and all.  So I gotta hide out inside.  I have collected a bunch of 3/4 inch pvc that I had the idea of using to someday build hoop houses.  To grow anything in.  I thought of maybe growing shrubs right now and selling them to landscapers.  But I don’t really have the time for that.  If I could automate the watering then I guess there wouldn’t be too much for me to do.  I would just have to figure out how to do everything.  Lol, I just got off work and smoked a bong.  Everyone’s gone so I just sat down on the couch and opened the forum.  You’ll have to excuse my rambling.

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