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So get this!  Last night SF slipped an email dated from Tuesday into my inbox, then tried to claim they actually sent it Tuesday.  It was about the contest, requesting my address.  I don’t know how the hell they got it in there dated from 5 days ago, but they did.  Haha.  No no I’m joking.  I’m just an idiot and missed it.  How the hell I missed something I’ve been looking for like a maniac is the real mystery.  What if I was so self righteous that I actually believed that sf hacked into my email instead of just admitting I missed it.  My god, I’d feel bad for my wife and son who would have to deal with me.  Now they have my address.  Now I just have to wait.

@Atom, I took your advice and ordered a sheet of 10×10 panda film.  It was like $15.  I’ll just section off a corner of the room and get these ladies (I hope) flowering.  I meant I hope they’re ladies.  Wish I would’ve thought about it earlier in the week.  I could’ve gotten it all set up this weekend.

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