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Fuck yeah bro.  I will check that out next time I’m in the car.  The one I’m listening to is past me.  It’s def challenging me to try to learn about soil microbiology.  It’s crazy to think how everything works together.  There’s so much information to learn though.  It’s really overwhelming.  I started a compost pile right before summer.  It’s broken down a lot but I keep adding to it.  I’d really love by next year to be able to get it tested and to maybe know some of what needs to go into it.  I think in the meantime I’m going to pick up some of the soil from kis organics.  Some of the water only stuff.  I wanna check into them more.  I really like the guy that does the podcast and he seems to really have a passion for organic growing.  I bet his companies pretty legit.

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