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Hi there looks like you can use some helps , the issue you are seeing here is a multi factor issue at hand . The first issue I can see foremost is a calcium issue , cannabis uses almost as much calcium as nitrogen and is immobile so one needs to front load through entire grow in order to allow enough time for the calcium to move from roots to grown tips . But I would venture to say your ph looks to be part of the issue (I’m guessing high soil ph ) anything above 6.7 and you will start seeing issues and lockout. The burnt.leaf tips are likely caused by too much available nitrogen being uptaken or an overly high enzymatic count but I’m guessing you are not using enzymes or you probably would have good microbial activity and therefore no ph issues. Anyhow I hope this is inform you can understand if not I’m happy to help if I can navigate this site haha. After almost 30 years I still have a mentor I need advice from on the regular be humble and not shy ask questions and learn it’s so beautiful 💟

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