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Yes, I admit I was fooled with their NEW Intelligent inline fans. Seriously, I just got one. If I hadn’t customized the charcoak filter flange before I went to hook it up, it would have gone back. If an alarm clock that turns on the radio and the light on top of it is “intelligent”, that’s what this thing can do. To call it a temp, climate or humidity controler is a serious stretch. Yes, it will tell you the temp and humidity levels and if it exceeds your set value for either, the audible alarm goes off and the fan ramps up to max. Other than that, it’s just a “fancy digital” speed controller. You push the up and down arrows to adjust the speed verses turning a knob. Woopie!!!!

Speed controller, yes! Temperature, humidy or climate “controller”???? Intelligent, not IMHO (in my humble opinion)!!!!

Come on R&D. Design a “climate controller”. One that speeds up the fan as the temp goes up and slows down the fan as the temp drops and will idol at the set temp, please!!!

Guys, I’m gonna throw a plug in here for BN-Link. I use this one, and I’ll explain why. https://www.bn-link.com/products/bn-link-digital-heating-and-cooling-professional-thermostat-controller-for-seed-germination-reptiles-and-brewing-breeding-40-176-f-15a-1875w

Inside the setting, you can set both your SV, set value (target temp) and have your ‘actual’ temp in F* 10th’s. If you have intake air that is tooo cool for running the exaust fan continuously at night this time of year like I do, well read on.

OK, I set my SV to 70.0*F. Since the original design is in C*, there is no 70.0* on the ‘actual’ temp scale. It has a 69.9* and a 70.1*, but it will never be exactly 70.0*. That’s the secret, R&D! I have my speed controlled set on 2 and plugged into the COOLING plug and a 600w space heater plugged into the HEATING side. It sits there and toggles between 69.9* and 70.1* all night long in my 55-60* garage. Warms the air – exaust the air – warms the air -exaust the air……. But don’t set it on 70.1*. It will warm to 70.1* and turn the heater off, but NOT turn the exaust fan on. Then slowly cool to 70.0*, heater turn on until the temp probe reads 70.1* and turn off again…. So 12 hours later I have a tent at 70.1* with extreemly humid and stale air in it that has not been exausted all night.

Sound like some ‘experiance’ talking there??? 😆

Hope that helps someone.   @spider-farmer


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