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A good rule of thumb for defoliating is never take more than 1/3 of the foliage at a time. That said, are you gonna seriously hurt the plant if you take 50%? No!

As for buds against the tent walls, I completely agree with @Atom. Have you got a hygrometer in the tent? As long as your humidity levels stay in the 50% or lover range, you shouldn’t have any problems. I use all 4 corners and sides of my tent(s) as props for heavy buds. I also recently discovered a new way to hold them in place. Look at the pictures attached. Just green wire and 3 bamboo stakes. Make a loop around each bud stem, and around the stakes for support. Works for me…. 💡

I took the first 2 pictures this morning, it’s harvest day 2 of 4 for this round. Note the 3 bamboo stakes I use to form my framework for the green wire loop-t-loop. I took the movie of one of the 2 still standing. I hope the pictures/video explain how I wire mine up.

Well, that didn’t work to well for the video. Take 2…….

I can’t figure out how to embed this video. Looks like you have to download it.

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