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Yes, it’s a winter vege garden. Last few days I’ve been tracking temps in my little tent to see if I could figure out why I got a reading under the light that was the same as at the corner of the tent. I still don’t know why, but I do have some more numbers to share that seem much more reasonable. I have 4 thermometers in the tent that read the same when side by side. 3 little digital and the SpiderFarmer probe. See the picture. The probe and one digital are hung on the sides of the lamp in the middle and the other 2 are on top of the pots, one under the center of the lamp and the 2nd under the right outside edge of the lamp. The probe and habging thermometer are about 2″ above the pots. Inlet air is 74*. Temps are as follows: probe – 81*  hanging digital – 81*  center digital – 86* edge digital – 85*

All figured out, right? Until I watered this morning. LOL, I never knew dry soil radiated so much heat back. After watering and the topsoil was wet, the temps dropped to weird numbers. probe – 76*  hanging digital – 78*  Center digital – 76* and the edge digital – 77*. I give up?????? 🙁

You can see the probe and the hanging digital. The center digital is on the center 2 pots and the edge digital is between the 2 pots on the right of the picture. W E I R D  #’s  !!!!

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