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LOL, I see you have it set to 72.0*F. There ain’t no 72.0*F on my list of temps, so you’re toggling back and forth from 71.9* to 72.1 and back and forth, right? That’s how my model works and I’m guessing that one does the exact same? I can see on the website that it is a 15a, 1875w rating, just like my model. PERFECT for space heaters that can pull up to 1500w.

Here is a ‘crude’ list I made in my garage of the numbers you do NOT want to set the SV on between 65* – 75* in tenths. Note that my SV of 70.0* and Brads SV of 72.0* is NOT on the list and so the, dare I say “real” climate controller, will toggle back and forth all night long trying to hit the set temp that isn’t available to the probe (PV). As long as you intake air is cooler than you want, it works great to hold the temp AND regularly exaust air.

Here is my, LOL, pie chart of temps the probe will read and you do NOT want to set it on. It’s not pretty, but all the numbers are there between 65 and 75.  Hahaha, guess I should have cropped that down, oh well… 😎



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