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I’m gonna throw a plug in here for an old and personal friend, Todd McCormick over at Authentic Genetics. AGSeedCo.com is a seed vendor that I can recommend unconditionally! Not all seed vendors are what they claim and I’ll leave it at that. Suffice to say that I’ve known Todd since our days in the mid 90’s when we were both American refugees from the drug war, and living in Amsterdam with many other expats growing weed. Todd’s seed are honest, genuine old school genetics, mixed with a few new twists.

Stay tuned, my next grow come spring, will be a tent full of his ‘new’ Mariwanna variety and my other tent with his NL2 x Haze. He asked me to grow out some of his NL2 x Haze to see how close he has come to breeding a replica of the NL5 x Haze I grew back in ’96 from Nevil and Ben at Sensi Seed that won the hydro High Times Cannabis Cup for Arjan and The Green House coffie shop, but that’s a story for another time. Here….
Keep Seeding!

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