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@BigApple, As I understand it, (I’m a dirt farmer) you will feed with every watering at recomended rates. Yes, always begin any ‘feeding’ regime at 1/2 dose, but increase it to recomended levels as the plants allow. As I recall from my hydro experiments, the feeding regime(s) call for a ‘flush’ about every 7-10 days. Now I always did a flush with pure, pH’ed water, but I recently read a post discribing how one could/should do the flush with water that is pH’ed and nuted to the desired PPM/EC levels and just do a “double” wattering to flush out the accumulated salts and leave the plant with a fresh feed. Made sense to me and if/when I play around with hydro again, I’ll be trying my weekly flushes that way, a flush and feed.

Hope that helps you.  N2

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