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      When watering your plants during veg/flower are you feeding the plants with your nutes(based on recommended usage) every time you water or are you using the nutes water like every other day and just watering with straight H20 in between?


      Any advice or examples of watering schedules is much appreciated thanks!

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      While doing photoperiod plants i feed every other watering and start out on half the dose recommended. Autos Im gonna feed them once in beginning of flower and 4 weeks later and thats it.

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      In veg with new soil. I start in a solo cup, and feed only tap water. 2 weeks later I transplant into new soil, and continue with water only for about 2 weeks before I introduce nutrients. I start with what’s recommended because the plants are already established by this time. Some strains may not like it, so I would recommend starting nutrients half strength if using bottles. Go with what’s recommended on any organics. Most of that needs time to break down so you don’t want to skimp out. Reading the plants is key when it comes to watering.
      It’s hard to schedule watering, it’s best to wait til the pots are 80-90% dry using soil. Lifting the pot will help gauge when to water.
      Bottled nutes I would go every other watering with a feed. Calmag/epsom/silica supplements on the off days.

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      @BigApple, As I understand it, (I’m a dirt farmer) you will feed with every watering at recomended rates. Yes, always begin any ‘feeding’ regime at 1/2 dose, but increase it to recomended levels as the plants allow. As I recall from my hydro experiments, the feeding regime(s) call for a ‘flush’ about every 7-10 days. Now I always did a flush with pure, pH’ed water, but I recently read a post discribing how one could/should do the flush with water that is pH’ed and nuted to the desired PPM/EC levels and just do a “double” wattering to flush out the accumulated salts and leave the plant with a fresh feed. Made sense to me and if/when I play around with hydro again, I’ll be trying my weekly flushes that way, a flush and feed.

      Hope that helps you.  N2

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      Im watering about twice a week with once a week feedings. I use technaflora nutrients at 2/3s application rate. I also use recharge religiously and silica. Both those at full strength. I also sprinkle the roots with mykos durring transplants. Durring flower i stop recharge and silica about halfway trough. Second to last week the only thing i add is 40ml of sugar daddy to increase microbe activity. Then last week is just strait water. I rarely PH or check ppm. Im lucky to live out in the sticks with pretty good water. It hovers around 6.5-7ph and about 100-200ppm. It depends on the time if year, if its rained heavy or not. ✌️

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        I forgot to add. I start out in usually fox farm soils or some kinda soil with nutrition ready to go. I’ll allow plants to use that up before starting bottle nutes. Usually about 2 or 3 weeks. It depends on strain some devour nutes while some are pretty sensitive. Honestly you’ll likely have to experiment a bit with the strain you have to get it dialed in. I uselly need atleast 2 runs to get it figured out, don’t get discouraged if it don’t go well first run.

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