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      Troy Horn
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      Hi All,

      I’m a first time grower and recently purchased a grow tent kit.  So I have the inline fan set up and also bought an oscillating fan. I was just reading an article about air circulation and it repeated several times to make sure I connect an “air intake” fan at the bottom of my tent. This was the first I’ve heard of this, so my question is, “do I need to add this fan to my set up if I already have the carbon filter, 4” inline fan, and an oscillating fan? Again, I’m a rookie so if anyone can provide some clarification it would be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks in advance,


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      Spider Farmer
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      Hi Troy,

      Congratulations on starting your grow journey! Regarding your question about adding an additional intake fan to your setup, you’re actually good to go with what you have. The combination of your carbon filter, 4″ inline fan, and oscillating fan should provide adequate air circulation within your grow tent.

      So, no need to worry about adding an extra intake fan. Your current setup should suffice to maintain proper air circulation and ventilation in your grow tent.

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