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      My first full seed to harvest grow by myself, my mentor sadly lost his battle with cancer, and I never got the chance to give him some of my flower for all the knowledge he bestowed upon me, I truly feel like we were meant to meet, having only known him since my own stay in hospital, he was always there to help this budding green thumb when he made a mistake, and never passed judgement, for that I am truly greatful, RIP David, going to miss you mate

      which brings me to the heading of my topic, I am at week 5 of flower, and am having trouble deciding when to harvest my girls, as I have 4 different strains (rookie mistake) as I planted some, thought they had died, so germinated more to find the others hadn’t died, so I went from 4 plants to 8, and of those I knew 4 were female and 4 unknown, the other 4 all turned out to be female, so in my 5 x 5 tent I have 8 plants.

      the strains I have are Bruce Banner #2, Luke’s Ghost, Gorilla Glue #4 x Northern Lights and the last is unknown

      Am I right in assuming I can harvest all at the same time? Or should I wait for 70% of hairs to go brown before I harvest, even if it means harvesting each plant or strain on its own?

      i really look forward to seeing and reading about everyone’s journey, whether a seasoned traveller or just setting off, we all have something to gain and share being here


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      I’m sorry to hear your grow guru passed before you could share your harvest with him. Sounds like you two had a solid friendship and that’s always sad to lose, although having known many people with cancer there’s always an element of relief that they’re no longer in pain or suffering as it can get pretty brutal at the end.

      To answer your question, when I’m growing from seed I always harvest the plants individually depending on when they’re done as you’ll see a range of finishing times depending on the differences between one seed and the next. Same goes for different varieties, I usually polycrop (ie have many different varieties flowering at once) and again harvest as the different plants are ready. For commercial cash cropping harvesting all at once is important so you can fill the room and start over but as a personal home grower it makes more sense to me to harvest the plants individually as they finish to the best quality possible.

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      I to regret to hear of your loss , I hope you are doing well getting through, I can’t really offer a suggestion on seed to harvest for I generally always grow clones but there are many people in the forum who are great to speak to on here,I personally suggest @cannabliss or at @atom chances are they can explain a great many details to you. Best of luck with your grow and life 🧬

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