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      i want to know more about that.

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      I’ve never done it to tell you for sure, but I would guess that you could grow pretty much anything that likes the spectrum the light puts off.

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        You can definitely grow peppers with pretty much any grow light that would work for cannabis. I’ve never done it myself, but my brother has done it in the past, and one of the YouTube channels that I follow (Migro: https://youtube.com/c/MIGROLIGHT ) does his grow light/medium tests with peppers since cannabis is illegal in Ireland. I’m not sure that the yield would be worth the investment vs buying from a store, but I’m sure you could grow some tasty veggies.

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      Man I never grew a thing in my life until I started growing pot.  Now I’m in love with it.  I germinated my own tomatoe seeds this year and planted a decent sized garden.  I mean decent for 1 guy with a shovel.  Bugs got some of them, we ate a shit load, but weren’t prepared for that many and by the time we got all the canning stuff together most of them were past their prime.  But I know what to expect next year and I’m going to do another 4×10 area and try to can enough to last all year.  I want to do cucumbers too.  This year we did some random beans that needed something to grow up and I didn’t know that.  Also some zucchini squash that we got to enjoy.  I let the first one get so big that it was all seeds in the inside.  I didn’t know to pick them at a certain size.  It’s just so fucking cool to create the life, nurture the life, then use the life to nurture yourself.  In a way vegetables are harder to believe than pot is.  It’s just wild that a plant can take water and whatever other nutrients are available and turn it into a fucking bell pepper.  And a different plant growing next to it is doing something completely different with his water and nutes.  I’m finally a home owner is why I’m just now getting around to gardening.

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      I’m betting you can. I May be putting this to the test as it’s getting pretty cold out & the wife started her plants late. The tomatoes will have to make due somehow. I don’t have room in the house to fit the whole greenhouse 😅😅😅😅

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      I’m like the rest of my friends here,spider farmer lights,I believe will grow about any vegetable that takes root.The spectrum from SF lights and PPF is amazing the products spider farmer sell should grow anything that is not a fact it’s an opinion but I’m 99% sure if you research it I’ll be right 👍

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      Yes, they grow just fine. I grow peppers and tomatos every winter in my grow tents with SF lights for the wife. Happy wife = happy life 🙂 . Little known fact about peppers is that are actually a perennials, so you can take them from outdoors in summer and winter them indoors or vise versa and not have to start from seeds. Just Google “are peppers perennial or annual” and enjoy fresh peppers year round.

      I thought I had a better picture, but here is a tomato plant next to a Wedding Cake variety I re-vegged last winter. Sorry, but the pepper plant is out of frame, but was doing as well as the tomato.  (and the cannabis!) Grown under an original SF2000.


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      I start ALL my veggies in a tent Tomato plants Pepper plants of all kinds. So to answer your question MOST DEFINITELY. Matter of fact come late February early March you will see how I do it. I plan on doing a Veggie grow journal for me seed starting for my gardens. This where I started out where my love of growing started. They said if you can grow tomatoes you can grow cannabis. Well I have grown some great tomatoes.

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      Yes 😊👍 you can grow peppers, and lettuce even. I grow them kratky style under the SE7000. Just posted a video in which I harvest 2 different lettuce types, you can see the pepper plants I’m sure. The YouTube channel is Native Sugar Shack if you’re interested in having a look.

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