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      How do you guys hold yourself back from chopping? I know I’m atleast 1+ week out but it’s so hard.

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      For me it’s just the desire to grow the perfect buds.  If I need to I’ll clip a small branch from the bottom.  But I don’t want to sacrifice the whole plant just bc I wanna get stoned.  Got any pics?

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        @eatonex  just get you an ounce or so from the BM or wherever you go to and pump the brakes on cutting them anytime early for as soma said it compromises the reefer so much when you don’t let her grow to full maturity.Actually this is a subject I have argued  with my father in-law for years he always wants to cut his early and I always beg him not 🚫 to,but in the end it’s honestly to each there own.I might think 💬🤔 that it is not ready and you may say that it is you know.I will say I will let it go longer than shorter if she is doing well and healthy and beautiful 😍

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      You just have to hold firm, knowing what you are going to have in just another week is what always pushes me and the fact that I love strong reefers ha ha

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      It’s easier when you have an excess of bud around, those first couple crops can be hard lol.

      When you think about it in terms of how many months you’ve got invested and the fact you have another 2-4 weeks minimum to cure/dry it really becomes a question is it worth rushing 1 week to compromise the quality of the other 12-16+ weeks?

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      It’s tough, but it’s better to wait 2-3 weeks more, and end up with a more superior result.
      There’s an unwritten “2 more weeks” rule when you think it’s done. Always wait 2 more weeks.
      If you’re not securing you’re branches to a trellis, or bamboo/stakes, and you’re branches haven’t fallen over from weight gain..
      guess what?
      two more weeks.
      It’s always been proven to be true in my experience. You won’t be sorry. Just be sure to make sure you don’t completely starve them at the end. If they turn out to need more time than thought out, there could be a hit taken on yield & a few other things if they aren’t fed.

      I’ll give you an example. This one is in the window. 95%+ of the pistils have turned color & receded.

      Dream wedding – Mass Growers Connection

      Here’s another that’s finished. All swollen & ready.

      My thug pug collab cut

      Something like this below can go a little longer.

      Sensi star – JOTI

      Dante’s Inferno – Tiki/Clearwater

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        These look awesome.

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      If someone sees theese and know what they will produce,why would they ever want to cut them early.Thank you @cannabliss for the pictures of them sexy gals

      Thanks again


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