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      COFFEE.  The black blood sustains us.


      What’s your favorite brand and roast?  Got an opinion on the fancy stuff? (kopi luwak, geisha, maybe peaberry?)


      My current favorites are the Three Sisters blend by Kicking Horse coffee.  Its mainly medium roast, with a bit of blonde for caffeine, and some dark for flavor, with Kicking Horse decaf a close second, because I drink too much of the stuff.


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      At home we drink Seattle’s best.  It’s the best cheaper coffee one found.  We’ve tried a bunch.  If I’m out there a brand called counter culture that a local donut shop sells that is amazing.  McDonald’s is pretty good too.  I fucking love coffee.  The only not in my morning.  Except wake n bake.  Which I do every morning before my commute to work.

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      I like dunkin’ coffee.. just give me my cream & sugar on the side please. Every location makes it different while ordered the same way.

      At home I like Newman’s own breakfast blend. I make it on the strong side.

      12oz coffee

      2oz coffeemate french vanilla

      2tsp cane sugar (RAW)


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      I’ve been drinking Lavazza Qualita Rossa for the past couple of years. I just use a drip coffee maker to have it ready for me in the morning before work. I use a pre-sweetened coffee creamer (I’m lazy lol), and then bring it to work in a travel mug. I love coffee, but I’m pretty sensitive to caffeine though, so I can’t drink more than one large cup. Otherwise I won’t be able to sleep at night.

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      I haven’t found a good local coffee roaster, I use to buy a lot of Planet Bean coffee which was a small fair trade co-op some buddies started years ago.  Their Cafe Feminino is really nice, plus it’s a co-op run by women in Peru that Planet Bean helped start up as there was a big problem with alcoholism and the men spending all the money on booze.  Now the women are in charge of the co-op which sells all the local beans, which means they control the money and make sure it’s not pissed away on drinking.

      My favourite though is Guatemalan or Peruvian light roasts for the crisp fruity notes they have and high caffeine with less oil.  Dark roasts I find are hard on my stomach so I tend to avoid them.

      How’s everyone brewing their beans?  I’m a fan of a poor over, typically I use a hario V2 with unbleached filters and a porlex coffee grinder; a nice simple system that works perfectly while when off grid.  Although I also have a little automatic drip machine for when you need a quick fix.

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        I use a neat little Cuisnart doser grinder & Espro french press –  double walled stainless, double filter basket.  It  makes a clean cup in any brew strength you can ask for from quick rinses to overnight dankness.

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        French presses make a nice cup and are convenient to use compared to using a hario pour over.  Although I personally like the process and find it meditative, plus it’s fun watching freshly roasted beans bloom knowing the goodness is pouring out the bottom.

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      Gevalia house blend is pretty darn good. Although we’re currently exploring new kinds. I want something with a bit more darkness. I’m a farm boy, first job was milking cows 3 days after I could legally work. I started drinking coffee early on, about age 12. First cappuccino but eventually worked up to strait black

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      I love coffee and joint! Can’t drink coffee without … I mean I can but I don’t want to. I moved from my home country and this place has the most worse coffee EVER so I gotta import it.

      I like Lavazza, Illy works, Segafredo, Illy … others do the job, as long as it’s good, strong, tasty, hard coffee smell. A bit o sugar and some milk.

      And a joint,

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