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      Anyone make their own lights, timers, pdu’s, pumps, titration controllers, or hardware of that nature?


      I personally got lazy and went with off the shelf parts for my grows, but I’ve been considering adding some DIY side lighting and humidity controls, but damn is that stuff hard to source locally.

      I could go with the same samsung 301’s we know and love, coated or non…. or bridgelux like SF did in their new G series, or buy another SF fixture with a warranty on it.

      LEDGardener has a pretty solid writeup on this type of project:

      DIY LED Strip Build Designs for Samsung H-Series, F-Series, Q-Series, and Bridgelux EB Gen.2


      Another idea I’ve been ruminating on would be to integrate together a BT enabled arduino controller with a 0-10v dimmer and some probes and run the brightness off a full day level program, complete with signalling for periodic UV cycles and an FR flash.  I’m pretty sure the analog output on the arduinos is pwm and all the previous threads I see recommend using a 10 or 12v DAC for output, so complexity just went up a notch.

      @Spider Farmer, is there anything in the works like a Controller2?  One that does more than one channel of dimming and comes with or can pair to a reasonably good brightness sensor? Uni-T UT383BT compatability would be nice.





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      Man I would like to when I don’t know enough about electronics to do DIY.  Anything else I can do myself I will but I’m not good with electronics

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      I noticed that hlg offers there quantum board in a peice , by peice to put it together when you purchase the light.Ive honestly thought about doing it,but haven’t pulled the trigger on it.

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