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      Protect yo peepers!  What spectrum are you growing under and what eyewear do you employ?


      I use Spider Farmer SE7000 and twin Solacure Farm & Ranch UV tubes, as such, I use Method Seven Cultivator FX’s, got em for $113 shipped to my door in canuckistan here.


      Beautiful coverage, leaves my eyes cool and unbothered by the IR, unstung by the UV, and not all dried out from the intensity.  Can still see my phone screen as the polarization type doesn’t interfere.   Who else uses the M7’s? did you spring for the resistance2’s @ $240?  I been meaning to try their SunP lenses, but wow are they spendy.

      I used to use a simple pair of UVEX UV400 safety goggles, but the near IR on the SE7000 forced me to upgrade.


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      Nice! I have the same shades ✌🏼😎

      Getting under the net is a lot less intense. I used to dim my light all the way down before going in. I use long sleeves as well to protect my skin.  Plus the wife thinks they’re sexy 😏 lol

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