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      I was hoping we could get some clarity from our awesome hosts @Spider Farmer about what post should be in which forums.  I assumed the Q & A section was suppose to be questions about the forums, product releases, etc but it’s filling up with questions about pot, which I assumed would all be posted in the cannabis forum.  I noticed some posts in the lifestyle section as well that seemed out of place.  I know everyone is excited to post for points to win the light but it’d be nice to have some clarity on which posts should go where, what the different forums are meant for (possibly a small description at the top) and possibly have some sub forums to help keep things organized.  Like one for sick plants/diagnosis and another for variety, seed company and breeder reviews/questions.

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      Heck of a question ⁉️ I will post mine in the canabis now after reading this now, until hopefully you receive some sort of answer to your question.

      Thanks @somatek

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        It’s easier to help everyone if things are organized, not to mention cutting down on redundant threads that people may not realize has already been posted/answered elsewhere.

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