Home Forums Cannabis Cultivation How do you handle the winter frost for those long flowering strains?

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      Please share your secrets. This image above is just some brave soul I took a screen shot of a while back.

      However I do have a sativa outdoors that’s about to meet jack frost.

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      This is a great question ⁉️ I really aren’t sure about outside,but our purple ghost candy and purple queen does excellent in the colder weather and it also “the cold” brings the purple out.I grow in a 2 room basement 1 room probably 8×12 I use one heater and I switched back to my 1000 watt HPS during winter.It helps to heat our house.Moral of the conversation is.Cold weather brings out the colors in my purple strains better in the winter 🥶 so that is what I have on this great topic, also, I just put a single heater “portable”in my little room and 2 more in my 20×12 I hope you have a great winter ❄️ crop

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      If plant is outdoors in colder weather,  water a couple hours before its dark and the water should keep the plant warm through the over night colder temps.

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      That’s crazy. We pulled out outdoor plant we grew when we were 15 bc there was some cold rain coming, lol. It prob had more to do with impatience.

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      HOLY CRAP at the picture above. I live in upstate ny… Our fall weather is harsh.bPerfect mold weather. This picture is amazing.

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