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      I always wash my hands and sanitize before working on my plants – is it bad or do you suggest gloves?

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      I’ve always handled my plants,with that said I don’t mean squeezing buds or pulling on leaves I would always handle by the stalk and nothing but the stalk.So I can tell you with 100% certainty that if you do it like that it will not hurt the plants.Now that doesn’t mean to twist the stalk and turn the plant by the stalk for that will surely damage a lot of things on the plants.Also this is not backed by science, I am talking from self experience so please everyone don’t get it twisted 🥨. I hope I told you something that will help you out.Im also not saying it’s best to handle it with out gloves, this is just how I have looked at mine in the past ok

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      As long as it’s consensual, gloves will do. Just be very careful if moving awkward sized, or heavy plants. One false move & it’s curtains for the plant. (Then again it can probably be saved)

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      Awesome Tx

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      <p style=”padding-left: 40px;”>I try not to touch buds, I’ll sorta grab a leaf and pull it toward me to smell or have a look. As long as your not fondling them they should be fine. Unless your making charas of course 😁</p>

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