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      Have you heard or grown landrace strains, would love to see your pick and hear about the grow experience.

      As I understand, Landrace is a special collection of seeds as these are the original genetic foundation of modern strains. Some of these genetic features are useful to modern cannabis breeders who may what to amplify certain properties in order to create a new modern hybrid.

      Some Sativa Landrace Strains

      Acapulco Gold, Durban Poison , Panama Red, Thai & Chocolate

      Indica Landrace Strains

      Mazar, Afgani, lashkar Gah, Hindu Kush

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      If you haven’t already, check out strain hunters on YouTube. Great show of some breeders who travel the world hunting for landrace.

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      Landraces are different to grow with a much higher ratio of low THC/low terp plants compared to modern genetics.  The advantage is you can find unique, interesting traits to incorporate into varieties as well as adding pathogen resistance and general vigour since their less inbred then cultivated varieties.

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