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      Was wondering if anyone has any  input. I have flaps open at bottom of my tent for fresh air and inline fan pumping out bad air.  Can the flaps open at bottom let enough light in to mess up my plants?

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      In veg I wouldn’t worry at all.. however in flower you want uninterrupted darkness during lights off. Do you happen to have an extra 4inch in-line fan to use as an active intake? I had one set up in one of my old tents with a vacuum hose extension rigged up to it, and I ran it through the port meant for power cords to blow air into the tent. I put a filter cap on the fan so I didn’t pull in anything unwanted. I’m pretty sure it’s not filtering everything, but it’s better than nothing.
      A bud wash can always get any dust particles out for us.

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      Yes, any light in the dark period will prevent/interrupt the hormones that control flowering from forming.  At best it’ll delay flowering and reduce yields, at worse irregular interruptions can cause hermaphrodites which pollinate your crop.  Having a proper intake set up with light baffles, either passive or active, is essential for your flowering room.

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      Both @somatek and @cannabliss told you correct,under vege plants can get a little extra light won’t hurt you at all for your already under grow,but if you’re under bud it’s got to be so dark you can’t see your hand in front of your face 👀 dark for the 12 hours lights are off.If one laser beam of light breaks in it will freak the plant wherever the light beam hits and the plant will stop flower at that spot of light spill and it will go back into grow .I always went by if you’re in vege they can be under the light 24/7 and they’ll grow and they’ll sleep on there own I’m not saying this is a good thing I just know it can be done for I’ve personally left photos under the light 24 hours a day under grow and they were fine but that’s only in grow and if they are under bud they can be left in the dark for long periods of time and just be dormant I’ve also witnessed that but the two guys ahead of me in the comments are beasts I just wanted to let you know those two things about light and dark it may help you out in the future

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