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      I know things started to get more technical but when selecting lights except for Watt, do you use lumens or PAR to be the deciding factor.

      It is suggest 2500  lumens per plant……. on PAR anything 500+ what do you say?

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      I use lux meter on phone. Veg is about 24,000 and bloom 65-85k depends on location. I’ve seen insane amounts from the sun just messing around with it. 102k

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      Awesome Thanks – just hope I am on the right path 😏

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      Lumens are for humans…. the plants can utilize the whole PAR/ePAR spectrum for max growth.   I usually push my plants a bit, so I run ~1543 umol/s for 66.6 DLI in 12/12.   I dunno about your phones, but uncalibrated neither of my phones would read anything close to that, so I bought a Uni-T UT383BT lux meter.  Its still a lux meter, so I can’t get a proper profile for/reading on the spider farmer SE7000 yet; I use ‘natural daylight’ in the PPFD Meter app to read that high.[ the next nearest profile ‘3500k +10% 660nm’ doesn’t go above 1350 umol/s reading, even point blank]. That being said its factory calibrated to 5% deviation and will handle up to 200k lux, so it’s at least not sitting at max the whole time like my phone’s sensor does.  I hear the photone app can read somewhat accurately on iphones.

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