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      Starting a new forum for all things rdwc and dwc. I’m currently starting an 8g 4 bucket fall-ponic system in an AC infinity 4×4 tent with a spider farmer se7000.

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      Can you show us pictures or explain the design of your setup? I’ve been interested in doing a DWC or RDWC at some point, mainly because I like to build stuff, but I wouldn’t know where to start as far as designing one, and what elements you would need/want in a system.

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      I’m also looking into building a 2 resiviors out of 15 gallon toats I’ve watched a couple of videos on YouTube,but I don’t know things like what size air stone do I need and what size pump to run 2 -3 being the most resiviors.For I believe that this is the best way for results, yield and terps and etc but I may be wrong as usual but I am interested in it nonetheless.

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      Welcome, it’s assume to see a straight up hydro grower join the forums. What is the advantage of a fallponics RDWC vs the traditional undercurrent RDWC? That’s a new system I haven’t looked at yet and I’m curious how it improves over the old design.

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