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      Can you reuse soil for next grow?

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      I reuse my Fox Farm soil, I add EWC (Earthworm castings) to bring it back to life. 1/1 ratio.

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      Dude it’s best to buy it new for real,I’m definitely speaking from experience on this one.First off you can do it! But you need to rinse it in a solution of peroxide, for it will kill any larva or soft shelled bugs that are left for there’s why I say buy new because when you use your dirt twice it’s a lot more risk of critters nesting up also let me say as I’ve stated before I am not 🚫 growing in a tent yet I have a basement and a closet as now so I have to deal with bugs more than anyone else so please take this in mind while you read this,so I will say if you grow in a tent I’ve not had any experience with reusing soil but in open rooms and if you have pets it’s truly a bad idea in my opinion.I just break down for everything next crop in solo cups and 1 will buy 5 b60 lb bale’s of promise but if you do decide to reuse your soil please flush it with peroxide it will not hurt your plants I feed it in my every other water feeding in my plants so it does send oxygen to your roots and kills all soft shelled bugs and larvae those are the truth as I know it to reuse soil in anything outside of a tent I will say a tents soil for the second grow would be a lot cleaner from larvae and bugs I’d think but as I stared please flush with 3%peroxide 5-1 water so 5 quarts of water to 1 quart or liter depending on your side of the sea and there it is and good luck to you all my fellow smokers

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