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      What would you say it a good rosin pressed yield? I know there is a lot of factors but an idea?


      gram flower = gram Rosin

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      There’s alot of different variables, press type, strength of flower, humidity. I have an extremely basic press that is very poor at flower so I get about 1 gram for every 10 grams.

      It’s a pretty pour yeild but I never experimented much. I always did 2 gram puck and I feel I could probably do better if i played around some. I’m used to hash rosin which yeilds about 6 grams on average per 10 grams so it’s kinda off putting to get slim returns.

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      What’s a good time to run a mile?  Depends entirely on the person, whether they’re an athlete or running to lose weight.  Same with rosin, it can be as low as 5% from flower up to 80-90% for rosin and pretty much anywhere in between.  Have you read the rosin threads as it’s discussed in those already

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      I wish I knew half as much as you guys about this,but I am going to get my growing skills sharp, before I worry about sharpening my next weapon right.You dudes are the men though, I love how @atom started out with the straightener,by God that is dedicated bro,my hats off to you for making it work out you two @atom,@somatek and @cannabliss are my cat’s if you never catch a mouse 🐀 I believe betweens you guys have caught hundreds though!

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      There’s no point in worrying about post processing until you’ve got your grow dialed in enough that you have a consistent excess to deal with as then making hash or rosin is a way to reduce the volume for long term storage while easily keeping the quality from degrading.  That reminds me I have pics of more rosin to share…

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