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      Good morning!! Happy growing. I was trying to figure out what KEY  benefits there are to the bar style of lights vs the board style. Having owned various boards over the years (SF1000, SF4000 and SF7000), I’ve found myself in a pickle buying a new light again, as it seems to provide the same light efficiency and not much of an increase on par maps, to justify price difference…is there a benefit I’m missing?

      im likely deciding between another SF7000 or trying out a SE7000.

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      Hi friend,
      The wide spacing between the multiple LED bars allows the SE Series to spread the light evenly when close to the canopy without any hot spots.
      The SF series offers a compact and cost-effective option with the same excellent light transmission as HPS lamps.
      This is the main difference between the light board and the light bars.

      Regarding the SE7000 and SF7000, the coverage of the SF7000 is a little bigger, while the SE7000 shines more evenly. If you would like to daisy chain the new light with your old lights, the same series lights will be better.

      Hope this is helpful to you.

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