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      I’m thinking that spectrum is the most important of the bunch or the ppfd I’m not sure.Most of my friends on here know that I need a light.That being said.I wanted to know if and when you go light shopping what’s more important the wattage or the spectrum.For I’m running into a few things I need clarification on and this is on of them Easier put I think I should look into a less watt light say instead of say I can get a good 640 watt led for 450 but it’s only got a white,warm white and it or wouldn’t the lesser 480 watt light be as good or better for it will have those three plus another red and uv I think I have answered myself trying to explain my question ❓ but will you guys further elaborate.

      Thanks again

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      Wattage is how much energy is drawn

      PPFD is a measure of how much usable energy the plants receive

      Spectrum affects plant growth but we don’t know enough about it to worry about too much as long as it’s a full spectrum, balance light.  Whether it’s a bit warmer or cooler really is negligible and assuming you’re buying a full spectrum LED will be balanced enough to work.

      You need to worry about the PPFD as that’s the key factor in designing a room; making sure it has enough light intensity.  You’re getting too hung up on minor details and losing the big picture; lighting is just one aspect you have to balance.  Make sure it has enough intensity from quality diodes and you can move onto planning the rest of the grow instead of being stuck on step one obsessing over what’s the right choice when the difference are minor and there’s more important things to focus on.


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      That answer is most appreciated @somatek I do thank you

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