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      Has anyone used the 55”x28”x80” spider farmer tent? This is extended version 4’x2’.
      I’ve read where some of you do use this tent. Most seem to have issues with total wattage.

      In researching, I understand 2x SF2000 will fit end-to-end nicely offering the desired 32 watts per sq’ of tent. Good yields.

      Any feedback would be appreciated.

      I was originally looking at a 3’x3’ tent with a SE3000, however the above mentioned tent will allow for a tad more room, even with 2x sf2000’s.


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      Hi friend,
      For the light intensity, one SF2000 light is enough for the 2’X4′ tent.
      But if you want to use two SF2000 in the 2’x4′ tent, their size is just suitable. The size of one SF2000 is 25.51*10.55*2.32INCH.

      If you want to use a bar light in the 2’x4′ tent, you can also consider the G4500. Its core coverage is 2FT*4FT and its max coverage is 3FT*5FT.

      Hope this is helpful to you. 🙂

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      <p style=”padding-left: 40px;”>I use one of these tents as my Veg tent with one SF 2000 with good results. If you are flowering in the extended 4×2 you could add an extra light for higher more uniform ppfd. If you would like to see pics of this setup and it’s results I have alot of pictures on my IG @treetrunk422</p>

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