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      Above is a link to a chart with a few Terpenes and their benefits. What are some of you favorite terps? Were you aware of the benefits of terps. Terps are found in MANY things other then Cannabis. Basically anything and everything with a smell contains Terps. Lavender Oranges Basil Lemons Pine trees are just a few things that share the same terps as cannabis

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      Myrcene the skunk terp lol

      Nothing brings back old memories like smelling some good ol fashioned Skunk ass.

      on the subject of terps i just got a bottlr of Cutting Edge Solutions SOUR-DEE! Smells like them beautiful granny smith apples.

      Anyone have any experience?

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      Man do I miss that road kill skunk smell also. When I first started smoking pot in the early 90s that’s mostly what we had. Some orange terps every once in a while but ALWAYS around Xmas we got what we called Xmas bud because it smelled JUST like a Xmas tree. I miss the old school bud

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