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      My Dads buddy Started comin around and selling his sons home grown.  I would go on to get an oz off him and have the best week of my life. This shit was STINKY as heck! The benchmark for crystally weed and Sticky man.

      If i took a dollar bill and rolled the shit for a joint it would stand at attention without any paper! I could roll that shit at the house light up in my driveway and hillcruise all the way to my buddies cabin like 20 mins away and still have half a j to pass around between 6 or so riveside kids. My goodness that dope was frickin dope. The white crystals in the corners of the bag were enough for me to sieve the whole bag through a grinder screen and have this massive pile of neon yellow crystals. At that time i used to pack them in the end of a packed cigarette and get fuggin ripped at work and do some serious landscaping lol

      that is my dankest of dank weed story  and i hopeto hear about all of yours

      cheers friends

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      It was the last day of school in 9th grade, I gave a friend 75$ to get me some weed thinking I’d get like a half oz probably. Back then all we really seen was brown frown. I mean i hadn’t been smoking long, I was just a kid but I was very interested in weed even back then.

      Well this kid comes back after like 4 days of waiting with the most neon green weed. I mean this shit was like a tennis ball green. And it stank like skunk, straight road kill skunk. He got at lunch so I carried it in my pocket. Stank up class idk how I didn’t get caught.

      It was only a 1/4 which back the 75$ a quarter was insane prices. It was the first time I ever had real weed. The quarter was 3 nugs almost identical, and was like a sponge. I’ll never forget that magical experience.. BUUTT like a dumb kid me and some buddies smoked it all up pretty much in a day. You learn to savor special finds when as you age.

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      Back in 94 when the hydroponics started hitting hard.I still had been smoking a lot of commercial Mexican weed and homegrown weed from friends and family but I got a hold of some fire from a old friend and I still today would love to have and know what strain it was it was called grape it had a huge stalk and side buds were as big as baseballs no lie under the colas just sticky and funky and the taste was out of this world 🌎 damn good memories and times

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