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      As we are all new to the site, let’s try not to spam with multiple threads running the same topics. Please if you are considering stating a topic, please do a quick search 🙏🏼
      The info you are looking for may, or may not already be available. However if it has been discussed, you will find it.



      having issues in the garden?

      search for “sick plant”

      A thread should pop up. List your issues here.

      Sick plant diagnosis

      (I did that one for you)


      scrog tips, pics & questions should refer to the “scrog” thread & so on.

      The whole point of this is to try to keep this place clean of clutter.
      The last thing we need is 5,348 flushing threads lol we already have 1 that I’m aware of. 😅

      Flush before Harvest


      Thanks everyone.

      Anyone who’s in the mood to find good answers fast will understand.
      If not then.. bout a pound lol

      PEACE ☮️

      Muck love ladies & gents!

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      Great point and I couldn’t agree more as I’ve tried to curtail the spamming by creating some threads that talk about core issues, like the “what’s the best ?” thread as inevitably there are endless questions like “what’s the best light or fertilizer or cultivar…” which gloss over the real nuance of growing.  Although I also realise that until some spam threads/posts are deleted to drive home the point that spamming put you back in terms of points I assume it’ll continue.

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      ive used it for my last 3 post it’s a great tool for making sure a thread hasn’t been discussed.

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