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      Does anyone know how to make tincture in grey goose or 190 alcohol, anything else done to extract oil or process butter or bubble hash.

      Any kind of recipes would be most appreciated!

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      I can describe how I make a quick tincture with vegetable glycerin and hash rosin if you’d like. I use it in a gummie recipe, but I’m pretty confident you could just consume the tincture.


      After you get to the point of rosin, I use 2 grams per batch (you might Wana lessen it or add more VG) you place that in oven in silicone or glass container. 220 for 25 mins to decarb. Then I add 3 tablespoons of VG and half tea spoon of sunflower lecithin. Stir it well place back in for 5 min. Stir, repeat till its no longer separated. Then it’s ready to go into gummies.


      I can’t say for certain it won’t separate, you might need to stir it alot more than I do but usually one or two 5 min reheats and it’s good to go for me.

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      I truly appreciate your recipe bro,Thank you for sharing bro

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