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      I think, THC colors there as been like a measurement stick. A – early, B – right and C – overdone kinda but my question is that the color also indicate the kind of effect right? Like clear is potency has not fully developed, the Cloudy will give you ‘up/high/energetic’ high, Amber is like most is an amber color and this will head to couchlock high and the half amber/half cloudy is like the balance.

      When someone ask, when should I harvest? Should the question not then be what are you looking for in effect and then advise? I mean if it was harvested somewhere, tell them what they can expect in smoking. I asked a group a joined and boy did they smack comments….. Anyway everyone has the right of opinion.

      Now that the trichome colors are mentioned the effect of the bud how much would you say is due the trichome color when harvested and how much by the genetics. Sound crazy but logic would say harvest any 2 strains with same trichome color and you will get the same some feel. The deal breaker is then the Flavonoids and Terpenes you are after. Don’t know just putting it out there to see what you guys think?

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      Idk if harvesting at the same time would be an exact thing. Some strains take longer to change, and some never go amber. It’s a very mysterious plant still imo. THC is only a common denominator that we all like about it, then this start to split into different categories of what people might enjoy.

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