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      I have a habit of taking pics of getting sewn up and thought I’d share for any other weirdos who find wounds/healing interesting.  Past injuries have been used by nurses for blogs about wound care lol.  I have far too much experience with it…

      Triage from the paramedics.  The next pics is bloody/gruesome and not for the faint of heart as it’s the open wound before stiches….




      You’ve been warned……








      Last chance to turn back….














      Sadly the doc/nurse wouldn’t let me take pics of it being sewn up, so we skip the 3-5 stiches on the inner layer and jump to the 10 external.  Apparently I cut/nicked a vein which is why it was bleeding so much but not spurting….



      Beautifully stiched up by the nurse learning how to sew people up.  Other then the last couple towards my wrist I didn’t feel anything because of the nerve blocker, the last two I could feel everything as it seemed to be outside the affected area.  Kind of interesting as usually they use a local anesthetic.  Finally the after math when I got home…

      On the plus side I know my chisel is sharp as there isn’t any blood on it.

      So much blood to clean up.  I laughed seeing the blood trails of where I walked…

      Finally the bloody rags and pool that formed while I was waiting for the ambulance out back…

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      So, let this be a lesson to work smart not fast as I lost 5 hours waiting in the sitting room trying to rush a quick job.  If I had taken a second or thought about my hand positioning before I was pushing the chisel in, I would have realised what a dumb mistake I was making and the needless risk.  There was no need to hold it the way I was with my left hand in front of where I was cutting.  Work smart, work safe and keep your productivity up instead of having to deal with the pain and expense of an injury.

      Now for the fun part, wound care!  I’ll keep in bandaged while working, soak it nightly in saline solution to keep in clean/disinfected and keep a close eye out for any signs of infection (redness radiating out, swelling, puss, etc).  I imagine the stiches will be out in a couple weeks unless I tear any working between now and then.  One more day of hanging dry wall and then I’ll rest for the weekend.  After finishing the light stand or course with my gimp hand…

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      Bro I had no idea it was that bad,wow what a gash!That’s definitely the worst chisel wound, I have ever seen. (I done commercial carpentry for about 10 years too).I wish you well @somatek.

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        Of my two chisel injuries this was definitely the worst, last time I just sliced trough the tissue connecting the thumb and index finger, but it’s healing well and the pain is manageable.  It’s a nice break from the constant back pain to be honest lol.  Thanks for the well wishes, I finished shaping the finger joints I was working on just a bit of smoothing to do and then it’ll be ready to sand and assemble.

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      Ouch man! Sorry to hear about your injury, but shockingly you seem to be taking it well. Hope you heal up without interruption & get your work done. Always wear PPE.

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        Always make sure your cutting away from your body/limbs and not towards them like a dumbass lol, although PPE/wearing cut proof gloves would have saved my hand I can’t stand working in them as it screws with my dexterity.

        Roughly every 5 to 10 years I do something dumb and need to go to the hospital, I clipped my arm with a hatchet on Pelee Island last time but after chatting with the paramedics decided to deal with it myself using butterfly bandages instead of calling the Orange Helicopter to come collect me off the island.  The last time before that was hitting my shin with an ax while limbing a tree; which also was taken care of myself as it would have been too expensive to call an ambulance into the bush since I was living in an “unorganized township” which means there’s no medical or police services, just the provincial ones.  That was fun as it was as long and deep as this, I was living in an old cabin that mouse had taken over for decades and I didn’t have the confidence/experience with wound care that I do know.

        This gash was a 5 hour trip to the hospital and then I went to my training shift for 4pm.  Although in retrospect I probably should have recheduled as I lost a lot of blood and was eating candy constantly to keep my blood sugar up so I didn’t feel dizzy.  The next two days of hanging drywall was fun times trying to work with one hand and the back of my left one.  Two stitches have torn/stretched a bit and opened the gash up, otherwise it’s healing lovely.

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