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      Just looking to see if anyone grows and type of vegetables in their weed tent?

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      I’ve never really grown veggies from seed, but sometimes I’ll fill a bucket with soil and plant my green onion ends in there, and just cut the green part as I need it. I’ve also done the same with buying one of those hydroponically grown butter lettuce with the roots still attached and done the same. The lettuce was a bit finicky because apparently they bolt due to higher temps, which causes them to get bitter and wilted. I’d love to grow some hot peppers or something.

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      yep, stay tuned. I’m gonna do a veggy grow journal. 💡

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      I have my garage built out for commercial growing. Retired & converted to personal grow about a month ago. In my veg room I’ve started a veggie garden. Tomatoes, radish, onions, 3 different peppers and so on. Don’t have photos on this computer to upload, but you can see them on my YouTube if you want at Native Sugar Shack.

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