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      How do you guys judge the length of your veging time.I understand some people use a many different stress techniques (high/low) stress training our plants and I am just wondering what it is that you look for before flipping to under bud?

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      I look for the right plant size for the density I’m planting at.  If it’s 64 plants on a 4×4 then I’d veg to 8-12″ and flip.  If I’m planting one plant in that space I’ll veg and train it for 6 weeks or so to fill the space to 75% before flipping and filling out a scrog net or anywhere in between.  It also depeends on the plant, Sensi Star is smaller/more compact then most varieties I grow so needs to be vegged longer to fill an equal space.  Garlic Cookies seems to want to grow long gangly branches and I’m guessing will need a shorter veg time to match the other plants growth.  So simple things like whether you’re monocropping or not will affect the veg time.

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      That’s an excellent answer as always @somatek I knew that there’s many variables that can change the length of veging.I was just trying to find out if there was a specific number that most of us flip to under bud .I searched bar the question saw there was nothing and thought that this would be a good discussion about it.

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