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      It just doesn’t seem like it would be worth it.   I’ll spend a few hundred dollars to grow a few plants but I wouldn’t want to do that for any veggies.

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      I don’t know about that @keith have you seen the price of groceries lately  😅🤣😅😹🤣😅


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        Oh shit you are right!  It’s fucking insane.  I just can’t believe how expensive everything’s getting.  And we can’t do nothing about it except not buy the things we need.

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      I thought about attempting it, but the ROI just isn’t there for me. I have some tomato, pepper, cosmos, cherry tomato & cilantro plants outside that I was going to bring in.. but I look at my indoor plants.. & it’s not happening lol

      For it to be worth it, it would probably need to be on a pretty big scale.

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      Well for me, if I don’t have some tomatoes, peppers and cilantro in the tent over winter, there better not be any other herbs growing either! Not that I’m complaining, I love having a fresh creamy tomato soup around Christmas. And as for the taste, well how do your home grown buds taste compaired to store (dispensary) bought? The same with your home grown tomoto’s and peppers compaired to store bought one! YUM!!!!!!

      …and while I’m on the subject, I need to get my seeds started. NO, I never move plants from outside to inside. To much risk of bringing in unwanted hitch-hikers. Starting from seed I collect each year eliminates that problem.

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