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      I hope this hasn’t been done already and I missed it.  I’ve got a theory that true pot heads end up gravitating towards the activity or place they were the first time they felt that high.  I was in the woods, now I love being in the woods it’s just a good feeling.  I had a buddy who was in his kitchen and now he’s an amazing chef.  Another buddy was in his garage the first time he got high, now he’s a mechanic.  I’d love some more opportunity to prove my theory.  If your example disproves my theory though, just keep it to yourself!  Lmao I’m joking. 😏

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      I was at the skatepark. It didn’t go very well, I was not super coordinated that time, but I was into skateboarding for years until I got old and didn’t want to be hurt as an adult lol.

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