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      I recently tried ILGM.  Ordered their sweet mix autos with Gelato zkittles and wedding cake.

      I did 4 of each and it seems like theres a black sheep in each group as well as 1 tall skinny plant and 2 short fat plant. Has and body had any goofy crap like this happening?


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      Billy wizz
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      Some breeders don’t do the hard work involved in seed production

      we now have  the hop lantern virus 🦠 or something so if not checked by the process growing these seeds will drive you mad whith problems . Find breeders you can trust 💨💨💚🕊

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      Ilgm was the first one I went to.  I got white widow, and ak47.  They both turned out pretty good.  I heard a decent amount of not too great stuff from about them on reddit.  But they were cheap and I didn’t know anything about genetics at the time.  Since then I’ve found NASC and multiverse.  Nasc is prob my favorite out of the 2.  They give great freebies and their shipping is super fast.

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      Thank you, this is what I’m looking for. ILGM had the names I liked. My First Order was Bruce Banner #3 and Gorilla Glue#4. My profile pic shows a pretty good result. Only problem was again, yellowing tips and purple stems. Second order with the Names mentioned above has just been complete crazy. I think ill steer more toward genetics in the future.

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      Great Lakes Genetics

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