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      Why is it that a plant can be under better light than another,or eat less than another and so on and so forth?


      Has anyone besides me have this happen, just like the last crop I cut 4 plants I got around a quarter pound a plant? How the hell does this happen?

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      Are we talking 4 plants, same strain under the same light doing better than others?

      If they are different genetics, then that’s probably it.

      Plants of the same strain would eat different & grow different under different lights.

      High power lighting & bigger grow containers are a nice foundation for some big plants with big buds on the females (Strain dependent)

      Samsung is the leading LED diode out there as far as I know.


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      Dude I am not lucky enough to own anything of Samsung diodes quality I will show you a picture here of what I am working with as far as my LED lights go.I have 1 bar light from a lower manufacturer that is 120 watt from the wall and another that’s a quantum board style @60 Watts from the wall.this is what is over my girls now,but before I get off of base I had all 4 peyote gorilla under 1000 watt HPS lights if you can imagine the setup for them was a light then a plant under it then another plant and another plant and one final plant under another 1000 HPS everything was in a line you know what I am saying now bro.amd besides my ancient 1000 watt HPS lights this is all I’ve got for LED any one sees this and they’re going to understand why I wish to win the big light you know I’m struggling bro look 

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